You see, Greg comes from a long line of non-artists, folks whose acquaintance with the art world ended at crayons and kindergarten.Greg was not to be dissuaded however, and besides, his artistic ability was evident to the middle school and high school teachers who encouraged him to develop his talent. All of which led him to the University of Alabama, where earned a degree in Accounting (hey, just kidding: Greg’s degree is in Fine Arts!).

Returning to his hometown of Orlando after college, Greg began what has turned out to be a highly successful career in advertising. Looking at his work, it’s easy to see why.

First and foremost–well, his work is awesome. Open his portfolio and you’ll see campaign after campaign of smart, crisp graphic design, perfectly balancing all visual and verbal elements to create powerful impressions of our clients’ brands. Clarity and simplicity are hallmarks of Greg’s style, but these effects are achieved with great skill and thought, characteristics that elevate his work far above the ordinary. Along with his sheer artistic talent, Greg is versatile and efficient–able to deliver quality in all mediums under even the tightest deadlines and budgets. His ability to quickly and effectively turn around projects is legendary with our clients.

Greg’s art direction and graphic design can be seen around the country, from travel and tourism brochures in the Pacific Northwest to campaigns for educational institutions in South Florida. It’s not hard to spot his work: just look for the advertising that stands out from all the rest.

Greg’s approach to advertising design is as simple and clear, just like his work. “This business is not about being artsy,” he believes. “As a designer, my goal is to clearly communicate a message to our client’s target audience.”