Hilary hitchner

Account Executive

Hilary brings a world of experience to Patterson/Bach. And when we say world, we mean The World. MORE

greg trippe

Senior Art Director

When Greg Trippe announced his intention to become a professional artist, his father greeted the news with complete, total incomprehension.  MORE

Betsy Culpepper

​Director of Public Relations

The day Betsy was born, there was a press release announcing the event–written by Betsy. Okay, okay, so we’re exaggerating a bit: the point is, Betsy Culpepper was most certainly born to be a public relations specialist. MORE

Leadership Team


Public Relations Coordinator

Social media guru, public relations pro, web content developer–Sierra Railey wears many hats, and the quality of her work earns a “hats off “ from her clients and her colleagues at P/B. MORE

Dan mcdonald

​Creative Director

Mild mannered Creative Director by day, guitar slinging rock ‘n roller by night: that’s P/B CD Dan McDonald. The man loves to write, penning everything from ad campaigns for our clients to pop tunes for his band. MORE


​Senior Art Director/Web Designer

You might say Shawn was drawn to a career in commercial art–beginning with the amazing drawings he created as a child, which displayed his obvious talent for art.MORE


Accounting Manager

Keeping an ad agency administratively and logistically organized is akin to cat herding. But Cat Herder would look weird on a business card, so Kim Sorrel’s title is Accounting Manager. MORE



Tim is a 32-oz. Cuban coffee with arms and legs. In other words, he’s a high-energy guy with enormous passion, enthusiasm, ideas–and smarts–for helping our clients grow their businesses.  MORE