You might say Shawn was drawn to a career in commercial art–beginning with the amazing drawings he created as a child, which displayed his obvious talent for art.

And yet it wasn’t until graduating from high school in Tampa, FL, followed by a four-year hitch in the U.S. Air Force, that he decided to stake his future as an artist by enrolling at the University of Central Florida as an art major. Shawn graduated with a degree in graphic design, and shortly thereafter began his career as a commercial artist.

Along with traditional commercial art, Shawn was fascinated by an emerging medium that many considered a fad: the Internet. Sensing the importance of this new communication tool, Shawn immersed himself in learning the technology–and today he is one of Central Florida’s leading Web designers, along with his skill as an art director and graphic designer.

​Shawn applies his robust talent to print and collateral art direction, logo design, graphic design, Web design, digital advertising and more. With his variety of skills, he serves our clients’ many design needs with exceptional flair and excellence. Shawn’s style reflects his keen grasp of contemporary expression in marketing communications. His work is characterized by designs that are both bold and clean, streamlined and eye-catching.

Shawn’s passion for professional-quality commercial art is absolute and uncompromising.

“Commercial art and design are subjective and we live in a time where everyone has access to a computer,” he observes. “But this doesn’t mean just anyone can design effectively. As a trained designer, my goal is to communicate an idea or message effectively for our clients.”