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When we first began working with KGA, there was talk of selling the facility. Now, after years of creative marketing under the theme "Closest to the Magic of Central Florida", it is the number one general aviation airport in Orlando. The brand story we created for KGA, emphasizing its closeness to Orlando's attractions and convention center, has resulted in consistent increases in air traffic and fuel sales. The airport is now recognized and valued as a major contributor to Osceola County's economy.


SRQ's brand story of convenient, easy access comes to life in our multi-media campaign, with the tag line, "You'll fly through here." The corporate video we created amply demonstrates the relaxed, trouble-free ease of flying in and out of SRQ–a powerful, appealing contrast to the nerve-fraying experience that travelers dread about competing mega-airports. 

For ASIG, a leader in commercial aviation services, we created a multi-media campaign to help them expand into new markets. Key to our efforts was a video that followed three different shipped packages, telling the ASIG story in an unexpectedly warm and human fashion, demonstrating the company's commitment to every customer, every shipment, every package. Our campaign was instrumental in helping ASIG break into new markets, with a 225 percent increase in revenue growth.