His father was a homebuilder, and Tim had a natural talent for designing–but instead of homes, it was graphic design that captured his imagination. So off he went to art school, attending the Central Academy of Commercial Art. After graduating, he began his career in Chicago, where he loved his work–but not so much the Siberian Chicago winters. Looking for a great job in a warm climate, then, Tim hired on as an art director with Patterson Advertising in Orlando in 1986.

Thanks to his ample talent and aforementioned energy, Tim soon rose to become Patterson’s Creative Director, responsible for creating and producing the agency’s ad campaigns and marketing materials for its clients. The job demanded a tremendous amount of creativity along with production knowledge, management skills and a detailed understanding of each client’s industry and business.

For all this, Tim was eager for even bigger challenges and responsibilities, and in 1994, he became the sole owner of what then became Patterson/Bach Communications.

For more than 30 years, Tim has helped clients successfully market their products and services. Possessing a rare combination of creative talent and business savvy, Tim excels at both big picture thinking and detailed strategic planning.

Moreover, as a business owner himself, Tim understands how things work in the business world. He has put his experience and knowledge to work for clients in a wide range of industries including banking and finance, travel and tourism, public and private education, healthcare, transportation, government and public service, property management and more.

According to Tim, “I know from my own business experience that nothing happens until something is sold. That’s why the agency and I focus one hundred percent on helping our clients sell their products, services and ideas. That’s why we’re all in business.”