Dan’s skills were evident from an early age, reflected in the A’s he got in English classes at school–and the D’s he routinely earned in math and science. In the advertising profession, he found a way to write to his heart’s content and–unlike so many would-be novelists and screenwriters–get paid for doing it!

Over the years, Dan has worked for ad agencies large and small across the country. He has created ad campaigns for the biggest of the big (such as Eli Lilly & Company, Entergy Corporation and Florida Power & Light Company) to the smallest of the small (a local bar, a local jewelry store). Along the way, his work has been recognized with a collection of ADDYs, TELLYs, appearances in Print Magazine and the website of the prestigious Communication Arts Magazine. He has also guest lectured at several colleges and art schools.

At P/B, Dan is responsible for leading the charge in creating advertising for our clients, serving as the agency’s creative supervisor and lead copywriter. He thrives on variety, having worked on every type of account from A (automotive) to Z (a zoo!), and variety he gets with our diverse roster of accounts. Along with his considerable creative and writing skills, Dan is remarkably flexible in his style, tailoring his writing to his client’s brand voice and the interests of the audience.

Most important of all, Dan is focused like a laser on one thing: selling our clients’ products, services and ideas.

 “ ‘It ain’t creative unless it sells.’ That’s a wise old saying in the ad business, and one I firmly believe in,” says Dan. “My job isn’t just to be creative; it’s to harness our department’s creativity to create powerful sales messages. That’s the one and only way to judge creativity in this business.”